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Willie and Joe and the REMFs...

"We just landed.  Do you know any good war



"Ya don't git combat pay 'cause ya don't


"Congratulations!  You're the 100th soldier

who has posed with that bottle of Icey Cola.

You may drink it." 

"Th' yellow one is fer national defense,

th' red one wit' white stripes is fer good

conduct, and th' real pretty one wit' all

th' colors is fer bein' in this theater of


"So I told Company K they'd just have to

 work out their replacement problem

for themselves."

"This must be th' joint." 

"Them buttons wuz shot off when I took

this town, sir."


"When we ain't fighting, we gotta ack like


"Th' hell with it sir.  Let's go back to

the front."


"I think he should at least try to lie  at


"That ain't no combat man.  He's lookin' fer

a fight."


"Beautiful view!  Is there one for

the enlisted men?"