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willie 'n' joe and their "recreation"...

"When we ain't fighting, we gotta ack like



"I'm depending on you old men to be a

steadying influence for the replacements."

"Run it up th' mountain agin, Joe. It ain't

hot enough."


"Hell of a way to waste time...does it work?"

"Go tell th' boys to line up, Joe. We got

fruit juice fer breakfast."


"Them rats! Them dirty, cold-blooded, sore-

headed, stinkin' Huns! Them atrocity-

 committin' skunks ..."

"Don't startle 'im, Joe — it's almost full."


"Nein, nein — go ahead! I vould not think

of interfering."

"Th' hell with it sir.  Let's go back to

the front."


"Them buttons wuz shot off when I took

this town, sir."

"You're right. Th' town has been

occupied three days."


"That ain't no combat man.  He's lookin' fer

a fight."

"I'm naked!"


"Are you seeking a company of infantry,

mon capitaine?"

"Take off yer hat when ya mention sex here.

It's a reverint subject."


"I ast her to teach me to yodel. She taught

me to yodel"

"Th' krauts ain't followin' ya so good on

'Lili Marlene' tonight, Joe.  Ya think maybe

somethin' happened to their tenor?"