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Willie 'n' Joe on Officers...



"Another Dang mouth to feed"


"Beautiful view!  Is there one for the

enlisted men?"

"Awright, awright — it's a general!

Ya wanna pass in review?" 


"Hope I meet this guy in civilian life."  

   "sir do ya hafta draw fire while

    yer inspirin' us?"


Staff Officers...

"I think he should at least try to lie  at



"Nonsense. S-2 reported that machine gun

silenced hours ago. Stop wiggling your

fingers at me."


Company officers...

"By th' way, what wuz them changes you

wuz gonna make when you took over last

month, sir"


"don't mention it lootenant they mighta

replaced ya wit' one of them sautin' demons"

"i tried one of them labor-management

argyments wit' lootenant atkins"


"I'm depending on you old men to be a

steadying influence for the replacements."

"Hell of a way to waste time...does it work?"


"Straighten those shoulders! How long have

you been in the army?"


"Them buttons wuz shot off when I took

this town, sir."




"Uncle Willie!"