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Willie 'n' Joe and the jeep...

The old Cavalryman

"Run it up th' mountain agin, joe. 

It ain't hot enough."

"And now we're entering American

territory, old man."


"Radio th' ol' man we'll be late on

account of a thousand-mile detour"

"Why ya lookin' so sad?  I got out of it ok."

"Luger, $100 ... camera, $150 ...

Iron Cross, $12... it is good to

be captured by Americans."      

"It's a habit joe picked up in rome."


"...I'll never splash mud on a dogface again (999) ...I'll neer splash mud on a dogface again (1000) will ya help us push?

"Th' hell with it, sir.  Let's go

back to the front."