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Willie 'n' Joe and the infantry grunts...

"When ya' hit th' water, swish yer

feet around.  They kin use it."

"Wish t' hell I wuzn't housebroke."


"Spring is here."

"This damn tree leaks."

"Hit th' dirt, boys!"

"Who is it?"

"Know any good Moslem prayers? I don't

wanna miss any bets."


"I made it. I owe ya another fifty bucks."

"I feel like a fugitive from th' law of



"I can't git no lower, Willie. Me buttons is

in th' way."

"This is Fragrant Flower Advance, gimme

@#$%&*! number!"


"Now that you mention it, it does sound

like th' patter of rain on a tin roof."

"Didn't we meet at Cassino?"


Fresh, spirited American troops, flushed

with victory, are bringing in thousands

of hungry, ragged, battle-weary prisoners.

(News item)

"Th' hell this ain't th' most important

hole in th' world. I'm in it."


"Me future is sealed, Willie. I'm gonna be

a perfessor on types o' European soil."

"Remember that warm, soft mud last



"Must be a tough objective. Th' ol' man

says we're gonna have th' honor of

liberatin' it."

"Tell th' old man I'm sittin' up wit' two sick



"Joe, yestiddy ya saved my life an' I swore

I'd pay ya back.  Here's my last pair of dry


"Ever notice th' funny sound these zippers

make, Willie?"


"Why th' hell couldn't you have been born

a beautiful woman?"

"Just gimme th' asprin.  I already got

a Purple Heart."

V-E Day: "Th' hell with it. I ain't standin'

up till he does!"


"I see ya told 'em they're goin' home."


Willie 'n' joe on tanks...

"Able Fox Five to Able Fox. I got a target

but ya gotta be patient."


"We'll go away an' stop botherin' you

boys now. Jerry's got our range."

"I'd rather dig.  A movin' foxhole

attracts th' eye."


Willie 'n' Joe on artillery...

"Tell them leaflet people th' krauts ain't

got time fer readin' today."


Willie 'n' Joe on replacements...

"I guess it's okay. The replacement

center says he comes from a long

line of infantrymen."


"So I told Company K they'd just have to

work out their replacement problem

for themselves."

"Let's grab this one, Willie.  He's packed wit'