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Willie and Joe and Foreign relations...

"And now we're entering American

territory, old man."


"Papa, I think we have been liberated."

"Don't look at me, lady. I didn't do it."


"Know any good Moslem prayers?  I don't

wanna miss any bets."

"My, sir--what an enthusiastic welcome!" 


"Nein, nein — go ahead!  I vould not think of


"Don't startle 'im, Joe — it's almost full."


"Didn't we meet at Cassino?"

"Luger, $100 ... camera, $150 ... Iron Cross,

$12 ... it is good to be captured by



"I asked her to teach me to yodel.  She taught me

to yodel."

"Let B Company go in.  They ain't been kissed."


"Th' krauts ain't followin' ya so good on

'Lili Marlene' tonight, Joe.  Ya think maybe

somethin' happened to their tenor?"

"You blokes leave an awfully messy


"you're right th' town has been occupied

three days"

"Are you seeking a company of infantry,

mon capitaine?"


"Tell him to look at th' bright side of things, Willie. 

His trees is pruned, his ground is plowed up, an' his

house is air-conditioned."

The Prince and the Pauper


"This is th' town my pappy told me about."

V-E Day: "Th' hell with it. I ain't standin'

up till he does!"

"wisht somebody would tell me

 there's a Santa Claus."

"Wot kinda voices --- Brooklyn or Gutteral?"